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Purina Small Animals Little Wonders
Celebrate Small Animals Month
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Small animals have personalities all their own. They also have unique nutritional needs that fuel their energy and support their good health. Simple, basic ingredients such as seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits- fortified with nutrients specifically geared to promote small animal well-being - are essential to your tiniest family members.

Purina® Small Animals food provides fresh ingredients and just the right nutrients, in foods and treats your small animal will love. All backed up by Purina's expertise, product quality and years of experience feeding pets of all sizes.

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BIG News for Small Animals

To ensure you are providing the best possible care for the tiny new addition to your family, go through our helpful checklist.

Watch BIG THOUGHTS from our small animals.
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We’ve Gone to the Birds

At Purina we love our feathered family members just as much as the furry ones, so we’re pleased to announce that we now offer nutritionally balanced food and tasty treats for birds.
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Share your Stories

Memories are made with our littlest family members, and we want to hear yours. Tell us about us about a favorite story or share a photo you have of your pet and become a part of the Purina family.
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Stay in the loop!

Keep current with developments in the world of small animals with periodic updates and money-saving offers on small animal food and treats from Purina!